[Review] AR-15 HIPERGRIP® PISTOL GRIPS Buyer Guide.

price $24.99

Enhanced Grip Geometry Gives More Comfortable Hold, Better Control of Rifle

The Hipergrip™ from Hiperfire® is an ergonomically enhanced replacement for your AR-15’s pistol grip that gives you a more comfortable hold and better control than the one-size-fits-all A2 grip. Designed to rest comfortably in the hand without putting unnatural strain on the wrist, the Hipergrip™ promotes a natural, unstrained trigger finger position that helps you maintain better trigger control.

Made from an advanced molded hard polymer, the Hipergrip™ comes in four variations: a smooth-textured Standard model with or without the eye-catching red-yellow-white Hiperfire® logo OR for an even better hold a non-slip Textured model with the same logo/no-logo option. The polymer is hard enough that ALL models can be modified with the careful use of abrasive tools to fit a specific user’s hand.

  • Two surface textures to choose from
  • Add flash to your rifle with colorful Hiperfire® logo or go totally subdued
  • Pronounced ridge protects the safety selector lever
  • Compatible with ambidextrous safety selectors
  • Fits any AR-15, M16, M4, or AR 308 lower receiver that takes a mil-spec A2 grip
  • Grip screw & washer included

As an added feature, the Hiperfire® design team put a pronounced ridge on the Hipergrip™ to protect the safety selector lever from accidental activation or de-activation, while also accommodating an ambidextrous selector lever. Install a Hipergrip™ today and enjoy a closer, more productive relationship with your MSR!

86.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


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