[Review] 783 20IN 243 WINCHESTER BLUE 4+1RD Buyer Guide.

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The 783 features a steel detachable magazine with a steel latch. Standard calibers have a four round capacity and magnum calibers hold three rounds. Like with all Remington bolt actions, expect a lifetime of rock-solid reliability. From the next generation in a legendary bloodline. The Model 783™ Scoped comes equipped with a pre-mounted and bore-sighted 3–9x 40mm riflescope. Simply grab some ammo, check your zero at the range and you’re ready to hunt.

89.75 /100
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Item Details

Action Type: Bolt Action

Barrel Length: 20"

Capacity: 4-Round

Cartridge: 243 Winchester

Finish: Blue

Front Sight: None

Length: 38.5"

Magazine Included: 1 x 4-Round

Magazine Type: Removable

Muzzle: Plain

Rear Sight: Scope 3x9

Stock Material: Polymer

Weight: 8.25 lbs

Made in the USA

1-783 20IN 243 WINCHESTER BLUE 4+1RD

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